Young Practitioners Co-creating Appreciative Inquiry of the Future


We explored two reoccurring questions while putting this issue together: what is the meaning of appreciation, and what is the essence of AI’s nature? In this article we share our thoughts, experiences and ideas regarding these topics. Our aim is to reflect, and to search for new perspectives, together. This is an introduction to the February 2017 issue of the AIP, where we invited (young) practitioners to reflect with us.


Author: Barbara van Kesteren

Barbara van Kesteren is a social psychologist with a post-master’s degree in OD. While studying, she discovered AI and started to work as a consultant in appreciative OD. Recently, she has worked on various AI projects in the Netherlands. Barbara is co-owner of Instituut voor Interventiekunde where she teaches in OD and AI, and works for clients.


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Author: Lysanne Beekhof, MSc

Lysanne Beekhof is an internal communications consultant  interested in applying evidence-based interventions that contribute to building stronger and more inclusive organizations. A graduate from the University of Twente, she specializes in corporate and organizational communication, researching if and how an AI-based intervention encourages innovative behaviors and psychological ownership.

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Author: Ingeborg Koster-Kooger, MSc

Ingeborg Koster-Kooger graduated Summa Cum Laude in change management from VU University, Amsterdam. Her master’s thesis demonstrated the relevance of considering the concept of power-resistance relations in AI, as well as the importance of the consultants’ reflexivity on their position in the social construction of change. She is as a health care consultant for local governments searching for new ways to transform Dutch healthcare structures.

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