A Look at Appreciative Ontological Coaching

Executive Coaching with Female Executives and Managers in Latin American Branches of Multinational Corporations

February 2015
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The purpose of this paper is to introduce the concept of Appreciative Ontological Coaching in the context of executive coaching. What makes the process appreciative is its capacity to generate new images and narratives that lead to a space of possibility. Appreciativeness is both the beacon and the compass that guides it, and the methodology is informed by Ontological Coaching.


Author: Diana Levinton

Diana is a sociologist at the University of Buenos Aires and certified coach (The Newfield Group). She has designed and led programs in coaching, executive coaching and leadership, for both the private and public sectors. She specializes in executive coaching, having coached executives in twelve countries in Latin America and Europe.

E: dlevinton@coachready.com

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