Achieving Excellence Through Non- Judgement, Acceptance and the Growth Mindset


In sports, a strong value is placed on tenacity and achievement. Athletes train hard, practice regularly and focus on improvement. With such a strong focus on reaching the next level, athletes often become critical of their mistakes and forget to acknowledge their accomplishments. This mindset can hurt not only performance, but also confidence and resilience. Sport and performance psychologists have found that there is a more advantageous way of thinking which can result in enhanced performance.


Author: Desaree Festa

Dr. Désarée Festa is a sport psychologist and licensed psychologist and director of Mind Over Body who specialises in optimising human performance and working with elite and world renowned athletes and others in performance based fields, such as business, performing arts and education. She helps her performers gain the competitive edge in their sport/field by strengthening their mental resilience. Contact:

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