The Positive Energy of Conflict



1 The Positive Energy of Conflict

6 About our contributors

8 Naming Elephants: The Positive Frame of Conflict

13 Restorative Harnessing of the Energy of Conflict

19 Constructing Ourselves, Constructing the Other: The Challenge of Reconciliation in South Africa

25 Using Appreciative Inquiry with Journalists

27 A Call to Build Community Developing Solutions for Respecting Diversity and Creating Harmony in Bristol Township, Pennsylvania

36 Appreciative Inquiry and Diversity: The Path to Relational Eloquence

44 Beyond Conflict to Healing, Forgiveness and Growth


Author: Anne Radford

is an organisational consultant and publisher of AI Practitioner, as well as thinking partner with business leaders and other consultants. She is a member of UK AI Network, European AI Network, an Associate of Taos Institute and founder of AIC LLC in the US.

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