Appreciative Inquiry in Community Action for Health in Kyrgyzstan


The orgiginal article of 2011 describes how AI was introduced into the countrywide Community Action for Health programme in Kyrgyzstan.

AI Practitioner asked reflective questions:

  • What were the effects? Results?
  • What did you learn through this project, as an AI practitioner?
  • How did you take this forward?
  • How could this knowledge help us and our clients remain appreciative and curious in difficult times?

In 2017 one can say it resulted in a AI strategic-planning process with VHCs in Kyrgyzstan.


Author: Tobias Schüth

Dr. Tobias Schüh/PhD from Germany is a public health physician who has lived and worked for 20 years in Bangladesh, India and Central Asia. In Kyrgyzstan he has developed the national Community Action for Health programme. He is now based in Germany as a consultant on community empowerment, health promotion and organisational development. Contact:

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