Bettering Sport through Appreciative Lenses and Practices – Introduction


This is the first issue of AI Practitioner devoted to the topic of Appreciative Inquiry and sport. In it you will find articles about positive and strengthsbased approaches to sports training at all levels, from children to high-performance individual sports and professional-level team sports, from coaching individuals, groups and teams to selfcoaching strategies.


Author: Tony Ghaye

Tony Ghaye works at Loughborough University in London and is part of NorAforsk, the Nordic Centre of Action Research and Action Learning. He is a professor in Reflective Practices for Human Benefit. His current projects include those in the fields of developing secure-based leadership, human wellbeing and community strengthening.


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Author: Sarah Lee

Sarah is Head of Department for Sport at Hartpury University Centre, Hartpury College, UK. She is completing her professional doctorate in Elite Performance, investigating the impact of positive psychology in high performance sports environments. She has written and co-edited books and published many journal articles. Contact:

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