Coaching to Flourish

November 2016
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When the client is searching for meaning and transcendence, as a coach I have to be aware of their different interpretations, beliefs and experiences. I can explore which principles help us transcend; the search for meaning; one’s personal calling and the power of ‘letting go’ and ‘letting come’, so as to enable the space in between to be. In the realms of our being we find a great capacity for imagination and creativity and, surprisingly, everything that we are looking for and that we need is there.


Author: Miriam Subirana

With a PhD from the University Barcelona, Miriam is an artist and the author of several books including Flourishing Together, A Guide to Appreciative Coaching and Indagación Apreciativa, co-authored with David Cooperrider. Founder of Institut IDEIA, for dialogue and AI, and an AI coach, she is also PCC certified by the International Coaching Federation. Contact:


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