Coaching for Transcendence – Introduction

November 2016
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When coaching for Transcendence, the coach tries to create a ‘coaching space’ where the client can attain ‘pure consciousness’. Coaching for Transcendence seeks to facilitate presence-based, essence-invoking deep-consciousness, being-level transcendence. In this issue of AI Practitioner, we share stories, concepts and applications that take the Western philosophy and approach as well as Oriental practices and wisdom to facilitate coaching for Transcendence.


Author: Neena Verma

Neena Verma, PhD, is an Appreciative Inquiry expert and a grief, resilience and purpose coach. She is an AIP editorial board member, ICF-PCC Coach, NTL professional member and TAOS associate. Neena has edited three issues of AIP and authored two books and several articles.


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Author: Ram Ramanathan

Ram Ramanathan, MCC, BCC and EMCC Award Winner, is an accidental coach, a spiritual wanderer in the pathless land of awareness with only a purpose and no destination, except a passion to blend Eastern spirituality with Western neuro-biological and psychological sciences to reveal their congruence. Ram applies this Coacharya’s Mindlessness model in leadership development at individual and organisational levels. Contact:

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