‘He’s Doing Less and He’s Proud of It’: A Conversation with Mirko Opdam and his Colleagues About Appreciative Leadership


Mirko Opdam’s fellow-teamleaders in the city administration of Amsterdam often say: “In your team, it’s easy to be a teamleader: the people in your team are open to change and they take responsibility.” Only two years ago, this was not the case. What did Mirko do, being a relational leader applying Appreciative Inquiry, to transform his team from an inward-looking, isolated group into a healthy, resilient and resourceful team? I asked him and three of his team members for their reflections.


Author: Mirko Opdam

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Author: Wick van der Vaart

Wick van der Vaart has master degrees in Dutch literature and social psychology. In 2005, he founded the Instituut voor Interventiekunde (Institute for Interventionism) in Amsterdam. The core of this institute is a two-year program in appreciative interventionism. In 2016, he became Editor-in-Chief of AI Practitioner. Contact: instituut@instituutvoorinterventiekunde.nl

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