Enhancing Profitability Through Business Process Excellence: The Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ Story

Revisiting the Green Mountain Coffee Story Fourteen Years Later


We appreciate the opportunity to reflect back on our consultation with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters over 15 years ago. At that time, not many had taken an Appreciative Inquiry approach to process redesign and systems change. Ilene had been working with Bob Stiller, CEO and President, and his leadership team and, in the process introduced them to AI. Bob was a more than willing partner and quickly expressed the desire to champion a process of introducing appreciative inquiry to the whole organization in the process.


Author: Amanda Trosten-Bloom

Amanda Trosten-Bloom (Principal, Rocky Mountain Center for Positive Change and Corporation for Positive Change) is a widely acclaimed consultant, master trainer, energizing speaker, and pioneer in the use of Appreciative Inquiry for high engagement, whole-system change. Publications include The Power of Appreciative Inquiry, Appreciative Leadership, Appreciative Team Building and three other books. Contact: amanda@positivechange.org

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Author: Ilene Wasserman

Ilene Wasserman, president of ICW Consulting Group and senior leadership fellow at Wharton College, has been on the cutting edge of practice and research in strengths-based methodologies and relational leadership, engaging diversity, promoting equity and fostering inclusive cultures. She co-authored Peer Coaching at Work

 Contact: iwasserman@icwconsulting.com

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