Enhancing profitability through business process excellence: The Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ story (2003)


This article provides a snapshot of the unique approach to the Design phase of the Appreciative Inquiry methodology as the company sought to: discover its core strengths and capacities; envision opportunities for positive change; design the change into the organization’s systems, structures, products and culture, and implement sustaining change.

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Author: Amanda Trosten-Bloom

Amanda Trosten-Bloom (Principal, Rocky Mountain Center for Positive Change and Corporation for Positive Change) is a widely acclaimed consultant, master trainer, energizing speaker, and pioneer in the use of Appreciative Inquiry for high engagement, whole-system change. Publications include The Power of Appreciative Inquiry, Appreciative Leadership, Appreciative Team Building and three other books. Contact: amanda@positivechange.org

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Author: Ilene Wasserman

Ilene C. Wasserman is the president of ICW Consulting Group and has been in the field of organizational development and systems change for over 30 years. She has incorporated the principles of Appreciative Inquiry to foster more inclusive organizations and communities and written numerous articles as well as edited issues for the AI Practitioner. She is the co-author of Communicating Possibilities: A Brief Introduction to the Coordinated Management of Meaning. Contact: iwasserman@icwconsulting.com

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