Everyday Transcendence

November 2016
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Is transcendence an abstruse, out-of-reach phenomenon, or can we achieve it in our everyday lives, without needing hours of meditation practice? What can enable transcendence for all? What can bring us to the ‘sweet spot’ in simple, non-sectarian ways? Real life examples illustrate the universal applicability of Appreciative Inquiry to demystify transcendence and create space for all voices, all experiences.


Author: Jagruti Gala

Jagruti considers herself an agent of transformation and is thrilled to constantly push the edge of consciousness, in order to create a world of greater fulfillment, compassion and joy! She takes pride in wearing several hats – educator, writer, coach and facilitator – held together by the belief that LEARNING IS LIBERATION. Contact: jagruti.gala@gmail.com

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