Research Review and Notes: Exploring Best Practices Among Appreciative Inquiry Practitioners for Determining Impact


Appreciative inquiry is an important framework for guiding positive change. What has been missing is the critical analysis of AI to determine impacts on organizations’ espoused values. The purpose of this bounded case study was to explore best practices in AI for determining impact. Positive social change occurs when practitioners and scholars include reports of impact for their AI interventions and research.


Author: Kimberly K Davis

Dr Kimberly Davis, founder and principal of Top Performance Leadership Group, LLC, drives organizational change and performance management through the Paradigm Fulcrum©, her emergent concept she continues to develop. Dr Davis is a successful author, speaker, entrepreneur and leadership consultant in business and education.


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  1. Richard Hammett, Ed.D.

    I loved Kim’s abstract, article, and underlying research! Good leaders and researchers are interested in creating change that improves mission performance. Kim’s Paradigm Fulcrum, the tipping point for behavioral change, is a useful construct for imagineering your best organization. Whether couched in terms of learning organizations, organizational development, or some other label, enabling positive personal change that aligns individual and organizational visions is key for creating positive systemic impact.

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