Horses Are Listening to Us – Are We?


Observing what horses are telling us through their actions can reveal how well we listen to ourselves – mind, body, and spirit. Working with horses and using Appreciative Inquiry principles can help people appreciate their holistic voices. Horses help us become more congruent communicators, strengthening our ability to listen to our appreciative voice, a key component of personal and professional success.


Author: Janis Cooper

Janis Cooper is a certified AI practitioner based in Vermont. She also holds two equine-facilitated learning certifications and is also a professional Certified Life Coach. With twenty years of global leadership in Fortune 500 high-tech companies, she brings a unique blend of organizational experience together with a somatic practice that partners people with horses towards positive change. Contact

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Author: William Hancy

William Hancy is Chief Reinvention Officer at Chiron Revelations in Swanton, Vermont, USA. He partners with horses to offer businesses and families opportunities to experience and improve upon their confidence, leadership, relationships, and adaptive capacity to change. 


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