The Human Side of Sport: Three Conversations


In this article, Wick discusses coaching teams, individuals – and oneself with three athletes in three different sports.


Author: Wick van der Vaart

Wick van der Vaart has master degrees in Dutch literature and social psychology. In 2005, he founded the Instituut voor Interventiekunde (Institute for Interventionism) in Amsterdam. The core of this institute is a two-year program in appreciative interventionism. In 2016, he became Editor-in-Chief of AI Practitioner. Contact:

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Author: Linda Voets

34 years old. Full of zeal, vigorous, positive. Linda has a master degree in Hotel Management. She works for the municipality of Amsterdam (coordinator of the Executive Department). In her free time she practices ultra-running. She loves life and is always short on time. Contact:

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Author: Fedde Germans

Fedde Germans (40) believes that nurturing and growing one’s talent, qualities and potential are the solution to the challenges our world faces. A former speed skater, Fedde knows what it takes to get to the top. With an engineering and Business Administration background, he coaches athletes as well as business talents and teams. He embraces life and loves kitesurfing. Contact:

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Author: Casimir Westerveld

Casimir Westerveld (38) studied social psychology at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. A youth trainer/coach and technical coordinator at AFC Ajax for nine years, he now coordinates the Ajax Coaching Academy, searching for and developing partnerships with strategic partnerships with amateur clubs in the region and with professional clubs internationally. Contact:

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