Induction to Transcendence and Genuine Wellbeing

November 2016
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Transcendence can be an elusive experience. To make it a part of everyday life, one needs to be able to recognise it and understand its most important attributes. The best way to learn to recognise it is to have a guided experience in which it can be clearly pointed out. Once people recognise transcendence, they can easily learn to open to it at will. Having transcendence at your beck and call is a life-changing gift.


Author: Marieken Volz

Tapping her own journey from anxiousness to peace, Marieken Volz deeply connects with her clients and helps them find presence and radiance. Marieken studied Mediation and Conflict Resolution at Woodbury College. Before shifting to coaching for inner peace, she mediated community, family, divorce and court cases. Contact:

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Author: Hans Uijen

Hans Uijen is an independent consultant in organisation development and a spiritual finder and coach. He has a graduate degree from Erasmus University Rotterdam in Management of Change. His aim is to help people realize their full potential and enjoy life to the fullest. Contact:

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  1. Dan (verified owner)

    A timely application of spirituality to coaching. I think this piece adds a richer dimension to the coach’s toolkit than the more typical coaching focus. Thanks.

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