Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry and Virtual Technology

An Improbable Pair for Accelerating the Wholeness Principle

November 2021
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In today’s environment it is easier than ever to host a virtual event, and gather stakeholders and sponsors to attend webinars or engage in recorded sessions. At the same time, there is also a great need for human connection, wholeness, and the ­ability to bring diverse and broad groups of people together for positive change. This environment is the perfect accelerator for Appreciative Inquiry practitioners to intentionally evolve using new technologies and virtual tools.


Author: Tanya Cruz Teller

Tanya Cruz Teller is a passionate, creative leader of systemic change based on principles of personal transformation, collaborative partnerships, whole systems thinking and AI with twenty years’ experience with asset-based design in strategic planning, leadership development and stakeholder engagement in international, organizational and community development. 


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Author: Sherri Sutton

Sherri inspires others to make positive transformations by helping them navigate the waves of change and disruption. She is passionate about making work situations more equitable and inclusive, understanding an organization’s ecosystem, and helping team members shine a light on their strengths using whole-systems thinking, AI, New Impact tools, technology and reinvention.


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  1. Nicole Mei

    Appreciative Inquiry as a framework for positive changes needs to be better studied.

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