Costa Rican Practices: A Reality of Peace and Sustainability

August 2017
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This article has been written as an effort to rethink current polarized political realities and reflect on how to better approach the many challenges faced by humanity by sharing some the elements that have resulted in successful environmental sustainability legislation and a long-standing democracy with political stability in Costa Rica, known worldwide for its natural beauty and biodiversity, as well as for not having an army. By appreciating the elements that contributed to these successful outcomes, current political leaders may draw inspiration to solve the human challenges we are all facing today.


Author: Piarella Peralta de Wesseling

Piarella Peralta, a social and organizational psychologist, obtained her degree at Leiden University in the Netherlands. She has worked as a coach, trainer and consultant. She included an AI focus to her practice after a two-year program at the Instituut voor Interventiekunde in Amsterdam. She is active in the international fight against cancer in Costa Rica and the Netherlands. Contact:  

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Author: Gerardo Contreras

Professor Gerardo Contreras is a historian whose academic work focuses on analysing political social movements to better understand current contexts. He is a member of the Latin American Work Group for Social Sciences (CLACSO) as well as the Bicentennial First Independence of Latin America and the Caribbean lecture group. He is a retired lecturer from La Universidad de Costa Rica. Contact:

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