Reflections on Our Generative Journalism Journey

Podcast #5 of an Inquiry into Generative Journalism

September 2020
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As the final part of our journey, we reflect upon our main insights. What got us thinking during our podcast inquiry on generative journalism and change? And how did it affect our work as organizational journalists?


Author: Mara Spruyt

Mara works as facilitator, consultant, action-researcher and organization journalist at Kessels & Smit, The Learning Company. She supports clients in organization development and change processes, looking for stories about the potential in people and systems. ‘The world can be changed by the stories we tell. So let’s tell different stories.’


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Author: Marijke Boessenkool

Marijke works as facilitator, action-researcher and organization journalist at Kessels & Smit. ‘As organizational journalists we not only help to make an image visible, we also take it further, into a joint analysis, a deeper conversation or the building of a new approach together. Individual stories form the building blocks for a collective that is greater than the sum of its parts.’


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Author: Derk van der Pol

Derk also works at Kessels & Smit. ‘My mission is to build a bridge between departments, cultures and people within organizations by means of writing stories. I dive into the world of organizations to look for stories about issues and changes. I connect individual stories (micro perspective) to the collective story (macro perspective).But there must be room for the whole story and reality in order to realize sustainable change.’


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