Research Review and Notes: Collaboration as the Politics of Affect: The Consultant–Client Relationship as an Embodied Moral Practice

November 2019
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Over a period of three years, Robbert Masselink collected autoethnographic stories about the topic of collaboration from his personal experience as an organizational change consultant as part of his research for a Ph.D. degree. Part of these stories were about his involvement in change processes where Appreciative Inquiry was applied, part about encounters with people from client organizations in which topics regarding particular change processes were discussed.


Author: Robbert Masselink

Robbert is an organizational change and development consultant from the Netherlands. He was introduced to Appreciative Inquiry (AI) when participating in the Cigo-programme in 1994. He has (co-)authored several books and articles and provides training and education in AI, leadership and change. He established the Dutch AI Guild as a community of practice for AI practitioners.


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