Rewiring the Leadership Mindset for a Preferred Future in a Post-Covid World

November 2022
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We are living through one of the most turbulent times in history, in the vortex of the intersection of the impacts of a pandemic, climate change acceleration and political polarization at a global level. Now, more than ever, all that we have learned in our work around creating equity, leveraging diversity and fostering inclusive cultures provides the foundational curriculum for dealing with this turbulent state. ‘Sustainable equity’ provides a framework for leaders who care about doing the right thing for their employees, their organizations and communities.


Author: Mercedes Martin

Mercedes is a Cuban-born Afro-Latina, former US Air Force officer and corporate executive with over two decades of experience in change management consulting, executive coaching, global diversity and leadership development and sustainability.


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Author: Ilene Wasserman

Ilene Wasserman, president of ICW Consulting Group and senior leadership fellow at Wharton College, has been on the cutting edge of practice and research in strengths-based methodologies and relational leadership, engaging diversity, promoting equity and fostering inclusive cultures. She co-authored Peer Coaching at Work


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