SMART Upbringing

Creating Environments So That All Children and Youth Can Realize Their Potential

February 2020
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SMART upbringing: How do you create environments that make it possible for children and youth to realize their potential, and that support the staff engaged with them to be at their best? This article details experiences from an innovative development project in the municipality of Re, Norway.


Author: Bjørn Hauger

Bjørn Hauger is a sociologist and associate of the TAOS Insitute. He has been an initiator and driving force behind introducing and developing Appreciative Inquiry as an approach for organizational development and working with children in Norway. He has written several books and articles on this topic based on his experiences.


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Author: Vidar Bugge-Hansen

Vidar Bugge-Hansen is a teacher and founder of the SMART Center; a center for social innovation in child care based on Appreciative Inquiry. He has written several books using strengths-based approaches in working with children in kindergarten and elementary schools.


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