The True-Colours Phenomenon

Turning the Imposter Syndrome Upside Down


The term ‘Imposter Syndrome’ is a powerful name to a challenging phenomenon that is experienced by many.  Through the lens of Appreciative Inquiry, the authors of this article reframed the challenge into a new term – the True-Colours Phenomenon with the hope to unlock people’s unique potential. This life-giving term opens up many possibilities to expand our awareness and develop ourselves more authentically.


Author: David Shaked

David Shaked is a positive transformation leader helping clients in all parts of the world achieve positive outcomes through creative and practical strengths-based change. David is a practitioner, trainer and thought-leader of AI and other dialogic approaches to change. He is a passionate ‘blender’ – blending AI with other change frameworks as well as blending the ‘being’  and the ‘doing’ of AI.


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Author: Vivien Hau

Vivien Hau is an organisational psychologist and executive coach with the passion to support individuals, teams and organisations to live out their natural gifts. An AI enthusiast, she takes strengths-based, people-centred and dialogic approaches to organisation transformation and change. She partners predominantly with the C-suite and HR leaders to drive impactful changes for today, tomorrow, and the future.


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