Should We Transcend or Embrace Boundaries? Appreciative Inquiry as a Self-Transcending Practice

November 2016
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A yet-to-be completed story of an author experiencing transcendence in his writings; allowing himself to be boundary-less; connecting Ken Wilber to Clare Graves whilst Jiddu Krishnamurti and David Bohm already were deeply in dialogue; reaching an insight that may be old news for Appreciative Inquiry practitioners, but possibly food for further growth. Who knows? We are all enlightened.


Author: Cees Hoogendijk

Cees Hoogendijk (1959) graduated in mathematics and physics and is working on his PhD regarding the generativity of OD interventions. After having fulfilled leadership positions in HRD and OD, Cees is independent professional, co-creating learning organizations and connective leadership. He is founder of the Dutch AI Academy, lecturer at various academies and author.


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