What Came Alive at WAIC2019?

How is Our Community Contributing to Those Whose Lives We Touch?


In March 2019 in Nice, France 400 people from thirty-one countries gathered together for a World Appreciative Inquiry Conference with a difference.

What was the spirit of those days? What came alive and how is it changing our lives and the world we live in? How can we steward this new life as it reaches around the world and looks to the next world conference? The editorial board of the AI Practitioner found themselves inquiring in this direction. We invited everyone who had been in Nice to a global huddle.


Author: Peter Pula

Peter Pula is the founder of Axiom News and contributed to the creation of generative journalism during eight years of experimentation, research and results. Peter is publisher of Axiom News and Electric City Magazine. He also serves as dialogue and media host on behalf in communities and organizations.

Contact peter@axiomnews.com

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Author: Yvonne Hollandy

Yvonne Hollandy has been immersed in generative dialogue and the new narrative arts with Axiom News since 2007. A professional background in graphic design and a life-long love of the arts has provided a solid base for emergent practices such as graphic facilitation. She can also be found co-hosting gatherings either in-person or digitally as a Zoom call driver.

Contact yvonne@axiomnews.com

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