Bumper-Car Moments and Relationship Recovery

Leveraging Strengths in Building Inclusive Cultures


A ‘bumper-car moment’ is the jolt when we discover that the rules and norms we take for granted are not necessarily the same for others. In real life, the effects of the jolt can linger, affecting relationships. A triggering event, or bumper-car moment, provides an opening for learning and change.


Author: Ilene Wasserman

Ilene C. Wasserman, Ph.D. and president of ICW Consulting Group, has been on the cutting edge of research and practice in strength-based methodologies, capacity building, and relational leadership, particularly in equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging. Ilene has been a frequent contributor and guest editor of the AI Practitioner and is the co-author of Peer Coaching at Work: Principles and Practices.

Contact: iwasserman@icwconsulting.com

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