Introduction to Learning and Leveraging Generative Approaches to Intercultural, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

November 2022
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The commitment to meaningfully and transfomatively address intercultural, diversity, equity and inclusion issues in organizations has grown exponentially. In this issue we invited a diverse group of people to tell the stories of what they were discovering and learning from this work. The articles also reflect the diversity of journeys and hard work within organizations.


Author: Ilene Wasserman

Ilene Wasserman, president of ICW Consulting Group and senior leadership fellow at Wharton College, has been on the cutting edge of practice and research in strengths-based methodologies and relational leadership, engaging diversity, promoting equity and fostering inclusive cultures. She co-authored Peer Coaching at Work


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Author: Marlene Ogawa

Marlene Ogawa works on collaboration-building principles of inclusive relational leadership and connectedness. Marlene strategically holds space using methodologies like Appreciative Inquiry and diversity, equity and inclusion, and transformative processes, towards activating and building individual agency towards collective systemic social change.


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Author: Tanya Cruz Teller

Tanya Cruz Teller is a passionate, creative leader of systemic change based on principles of personal transformation, collaborative partnerships, whole systems thinking and AI with twenty years’ experience with asset-based design in strategic planning, leadership development and stakeholder engagement in international, organizational and community development. 


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